Foundation ArtIndustria aims at:

The establishment and exploitation of a museum for “Industry as subject of art”.

The objectives of the "ArtIndustria" Museum are to:

  • Publicize realistic art in industry.
    As many of these works belong to corporate collections, they are not often seen by the general public.
  • Assemble a permanent collection of quality art in industry.
    So in future this will be accessible in one location to the general public.
  • Organize exchange exhibitions of the work of international artists in industry.
  • Demonstrate the value and legitimacy of a generally unrecognized segment of world art and artists.
  • Exchange collections of existing specialized museums.
Rein Nijhof
What is Industrial Art?
sculptuur, in wording
Keith Maddison

Industrial Art encompasses all forms of realistic art which portrays the physical achievements of man. A key factor in recognizing Industrial Art as a legitimate and distinct form of art is its dedication to the realistic portrayal of its subjects.

As Art in Industry essentially chronicles the ingenuity and accomplishments of men and women from all walks of life in every developing society around the world, it will be not only an historical record of those accomplishments, but a source of inspiration for future generations.

Art and Business Activities

The idea behind this "Museum for Industry as Subject of Art" has arisen from the desire to create an own platform for artists, who dedicate themselves in their work to industry as subject. But also to give access to the public of existing art collections of companies, which in the past have been produced on the occasion of corporate jubilees or otherwise.

ArtIndustria also wants to be a location where companies can meet each other surrounded by the exhibited art collections.

Krukasslijperij Mark van Schaick
Nico M. Peeters
Location and Funding
"Futurisme 1936" Texaco Station Nijmegen
Araun Gordijn

Foundation ArtIndustria is looking for funding and housing and calls companies and culture funds for donations.

A promising location for the "ArtIndustria Museum" would be in the city of Utrecht, the most central major city in The Netherlands, as well as a hub for the country's rail traffic. The city is also the site of the Dutch Railway Museum, one of the specialized industrial museums.

Necessary funding for the project could come from the business community, unions, and various artistic and cultural organizations. Them will be offered the opportunity for participation and sponsorships. At first there is a need for funding the initiation and additional financial means for housing, arranging and exploitation.

This project has got the potential to grow to an international museum of a high standard. The investment in pieces of art assures a solid stable base now and will only increase in the future, depending on the growth and expected increase in recognition of industry as a full form of subject of art.


Foundation ArtIndustria

Beukeboom 32
4101 VL Culemborg

Vossenschanslaan 9
3445 EB Woerden



Bank account: Postbank 4663239

Chamber of Commerce number: 30207514

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Nico M. Peeters
Committee of Recommendation

Mr. J. de Roode, managing director Roodhart Emission Control B.V., Rotterdam

Mr. M. van Schaick, managing director Mark van Schaick Marine Services B.V., Schiedam

Mr. H.A. Ruysch Lehman de Lehnsfeld, managing director Ruysch Technical-Agencies Holland B.V., Zutphen